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Worlds’ first non-binary voice assistant is here

To take on Siri and Alexa, to provide representation for queer people challenging voice assistant gender biases and mysoginy, as reported by PinkNews. Also, watch the video and meet Sam, the first non-binary AI-based digital voice solution to speak text in a human-sounding voice.


What transgender women in tech can teach cisgender women (and vice versa)

Daniela Petruzalek can talk extensively in interviews about gender transition as in “What transgender women in tech can teach cisgender women (and vice versa)” https://bit.ly/3BCPNQH in the same personal, informed, and effortless way she does about transitioning between different areas in technology as a Tedx speaker and such, watch her videos. A software developer for…


A Startup in India Helps Transgender People Find Safe, Well-Paying Tech Jobs

A combination of social stigma, discrimination, and an absence of job opportunities have created an environment where trans people are widely excluded from mainstream workplaces and jobs in India PeriFerry, a startup founded by Neelam Jain has trained more than 250 trans people and provided more than 90 jobs for members of India’s trans community…


Trans employees in tech: an inspirational story from the 90s

Richard Parker, a principal transgender engineer at Intel, tell us how educating people around and doing the best you can in your work can make the difference for trans employees in tech, in this article at Forbes. “Transitioning in the 90s was still pretty difficult socially,” Parker explains. “Everyone knows what transgender means now, but…


Being Trans in Tech: Why are we here, and where are we?

Ever wonder why are there so many trans people in tech? Didn’t know? Why we don’t hear more often about them? Karla O’Brien a final-year student of computer science in University College Dublin and an intern with the Inspirefest team, an annual convention on the topics of science, technology and creativity tries to answer these…