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Quality Assurance - Software Testing

Software Testing: Learn about End-to-End Testing

Nowadays, no company that takes its work seriously would launch an application or a new program to the market without performing the proper software testing. And although there is any number of types of testing, today we will be talking about end-to-end testing. End-to-end testing is just one of the many ways to test software….

Quality Assurance - Software Testing

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Software Testing and QA Automation

Finding errors or defects is the main characteristic or function of Software Testing. If you are starting in this field, this article will be present the questions that arise most frequently when talking about the subject and QA Automation. The first of them is what is the task or work of the Tester? These are…

Quality Assurance - Software Testing

In Software Testing: What is Black-Box Testing?

Within the world of software testing, there are countless terms, steps, and types of tests. In that sense, it is important to know each of the processes that integrate software testing. In this opportunity, we will be talking about black-box testing. In Black Box Testing, the tester performs the test of an application without knowing…

Quality Assurance - Software Testing

Learn The Importance of Software Testing

Software testing is necessary because we all make mistakes. They may be minor mistakes, but there is a possibility that they can also be serious, costly, and dangerous mistakes. In that sense, we need to review all our work and what we do because things can always go wrong. Assuming that our work can have…

Quality Assurance - Software Testing

The seven fundamental principles of Software Testing

Software testing is -nowadays- a fundamental practice to ensure the quality of the digital product we want to deliver. And it is precisely through software testing that we can get clear answers about the performance of an application and whether it complies perfectly with the parameters that we ourselves have organized and with what the…