Getting trans people onboard

  • March 26, 2021

Inclusiva may be a new company, but it is a joint venture between Trans-TI and Flugel.it. We believe this combination will be very productive, Flugel.it has an outstanding service quality and experience with building devops teams, Trans-TI also has experience building tech teams, but with trans community members.

Although we explored and learned as much as we could about the transgender community before starting Trans-TI, it wasn’t until a year into our work that we began to understand it more deeply.

The community is much more diverse than it appears from the outside. A very good friend of mine (Fifi Real, non-binary at the time and now in the process of expressing her true self physically) told me “the trans community is like a big umbrella that still needs to specialize to identify everyone”, and she couldn’t be more correct.

The trans community is much more diverse than one imagines from the outside.

It depends not only on the social capital that each one brings with them, their personality, background, education, culture, country, mother tongue, religion, etc., but also on their desires: what do I want to be, professionally speaking?

Many times this question has no options, they work at what they get. We believe that for those who have a minimum possibility of building a professional path and do like IT, they should go that way. We intend to be a channel for that.

In the IT industry there are many opportunities, it is an industry that is constantly demanding new human resources and not only demands software programmers, it demands people who test software, who know how to use a specific tool (such as how to build software robots with a certain application), who know how the Internet works and its basic components (without knowing in detail protocols or specifications). “IT trades” started to emerge a long time ago, just like in other industries (blacksmith, cook, carpenter, seamstress, baker, electrician, etc.).

All chefs have been kitchen assistants and would not be great chefs without their own current kitchen assistants.

We propose to go the same way, but instead of cooking, to do this in IT (and we are doing it). We want to train a lot of people, for free, who we know want to be “chefs” in IT. We want to train these people in work that we know is essential and have a minimum of social capital (a roof, two or three decent meals every day, basic education, pocket money to move around), to be able to work with all the tools available so that those people can start on this path. We put them to work, give them a formal job and tutor them to give them the beginning of a ladder that only goes up.

Discovering those who have the potential and giving them the necessary tools so that they can develop it is key.

The chefs we already have, but we need more, so we are working with the kitchen helpers to become chefs as quickly as possible.

The trans community is full of people with a hunger for knowledge and a clear need to be a productive part of our society. Let’s give them a chance.