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Trans employees in tech: an inspirational story from the 90s

Richard Parker, a principal transgender engineer at Intel, tell us how educating people around and doing the best you can in your work can make the difference for trans employees in tech, in this article at Forbes. “Transitioning in the 90s was still pretty difficult socially,” Parker explains. “Everyone knows what transgender means now, but…


Being Trans in Tech: Why are we here, and where are we?

Ever wonder why are there so many trans people in tech? Didn’t know? Why we don’t hear more often about them? Karla O’Brien a final-year student of computer science in University College Dublin and an intern with the Inspirefest team, an annual convention on the topics of science, technology and creativity tries to answer these…


Seven Ways Technology is Changing for the Better

We learn about seven ways tech is changing for the better from 2020 and how female, LGTBQ+, and racial inclusion matter. These are the 7 determining trends for technological work in this era of Covid-19 and social upheaval:  Bridging the digital divide. Phasing out facial recognition technology. Include women in decision-making. Make the tech industry…


Inclusiva, leading the way to trans equality at workplace

Léalo en Español aquí On March 31, the International Transgender Day of Visibility, we’re proud to announce the launch of Inclusiva, a leading organization in recognizing the huge, untapped potential of the transgender community around the world to excel in the tech space. As a joint project between Flugel.IT, a company with extensive experience in…


Getting trans people onboard

Inclusiva may be a new company, but it is a joint venture between Trans-TI and Flugel.it. We believe this combination will be very productive, Flugel.it has an outstanding service quality and experience with building devops teams, Trans-TI also has experience building tech teams, but with trans community members. Although we explored and learned as much…