5 Frequently Asked Questions About Software Testing and QA Automation

  • July 30, 2021

Finding errors or defects is the main characteristic or function of Software Testing. If you are starting in this field, this article will be present the questions that arise most frequently when talking about the subject and QA Automation.

The first of them is what is the task or work of the Tester? These are professionals whose goal is to take care and watch over the quality of the software, verifying that everything works correctly. In addition, they are in charge of making sure that errors do not reach the customer.

Remember that the Tester is a key professional in Software Testing who, above all, must be curious, empathetic, and communicative.

Software Testing and QA Automotion Work Together

It is important to point out that nowadays Software Testing is not conceivable without testing and test automation, a term known as QA Automotion (test automation).
Incorporating QA Automotion into your development plan from the beginning can help your team anticipate problems and write stronger code.

As for the second question, what is the software testing lifecycle? The software testing lifecycle encompasses everything related to the testing process, which has defined steps that must be carried out in a certain sequence to ensure that the objectives are fully met.

When do we know that we are in the presence of a good test case, is the third question. A good test case locates a defect, the prescribed details, and coverage.

Stress Testing Allows You To Test How The System Behaves Under Negative Conditions.

On the other hand, it is also worth asking what happens when the system goes through unfavorable conditions. Here is when stress testing comes into play. A type of test that is performed to check how the system behaves under negatives conditions.

Another common question about Software Testing has to do with what is one of the best ways to ensure quality?

Simple, you can make the usability testing, whose purpose is to invite professionals whose profile matches that of your target audience. Test your product and provide appreciable feedback on its usability and effectiveness.